Marie Kleinert

Maries Balboa dancing is characterized by a relaxed but deep connection with the music and her partner, creating beautiful lines and shapes in the dance. Musicality and FUN being her kicks, Marie is using an elaborate dance technique as a base to explore these to the fullest. She loves dancing on fast floors and looks deceptively effortless while doing so.

Connecting with the people, social dance and the love for jazz music is what drives her to all the dance events in her hometown Hamburg and abroad, as a very active switch Balboa dancer and teacher. Marie has been engaged in sports her whole life, from horse riding, skateboarding to surfing, before she bumped into some swing dancers at Rosi’s Bar at Reeperbahn back in 2009. The focus was shifted to the dance floor from that day.

Being owner of the swing dance school „Bloody Hot Swing“ and being the host of regular social dances, workshops and the popular Balboa Festival in Hamburg, she contributes a lot to a lively local Balboa scene. As a teacher, Marie is attentive, motivating, and focused. She favors excellent group dynamics and positive reinforcement