BalTic Summer Swing 2022

The BalTic Summer Swing first took place in 2018 and was repeated with overwhelming success in 2019. After two years’ intermission, we are now running the event again in its 3rd edition! The three-day weekend event is dedicated to the vintage swing dance Balboa. But, of course, you can dance anything that fits swing music! This year the event is a cooperation between Swing Connection Rostock e.V. and Dock Inn Hostel Warnemünde. From Friday till Sunday, each day there will be a beach party and an evening party with outstanding swing bands and swing DJs. Saturday and Sunday during the daytime there will be dance workshops for beginner as well as experienced Balboa dancers. You can also enjoy some summer sun at the beautiful beach, swim, and explore the city of Warnemünde, with its fine fish restaurants, bars, cafes and small boutiques. Then, late into the evenings, you can join the swing parties!


The event will take place in Warnemünde/Rostock, Germany. The main event location is the Dock Inn Hostel Warnemünde, which won first place in the German Tourism Award 2017. All evening parties will be in the beautifully designed hotel lobby. The hotel has reserved around 100 beds in single rooms, double rooms and multi-bed dorms for the event. Some 20 mins by foot is the lovely beach of Warnemünde where we set up the stage for our daytime beach parties. Next to the beach stage, you can buy drinks, cocktails and snacks – or just bring your own.

Bands & DJs

Outstanding international swing bands and swing DJs are waiting for you:

  • The Schwings Band from Lithuania
  • Cats & Dinosaurs from Sweden
  • Meny Wappler Swingtett from Hamburg/Lübeck/Wismar
  • Mary Jane & The Baltic Sweet Jazz Orchestra from Schwerin
  • DJ Wuthe from Berlin
  • DJ Niel from Cologne
  • Gašper Hrovat from Sweden
  • Marie Kleinert from Hamburg

Dance classes

The event is primarily a dance party event, similar to an exchange. Nevertheless, we would like to offer dance classes by dancers, for dancers. During the registration process, you can indicate whether you would like to participate in dance classes or maybe offer dance classes, because you are a dance teacher in your scene. We will then get in contact with you. Shortly before the start of the event, we will publish a workshop schedule. There will also be the option to take private lessons with Gašper Hrovat and Marie Kleinert.

Swing Walk

On Sunday 24th July, there will be a Swing Walk through the beautiful and historic city of Warnemünde. Together with exciting information and music by Mary Jane & The Baltic Jazz Orchestra, we will walk and dance through history.


Friday, 22.07.

17:00 | Beach party with DJ | Beach stage
22:00 | Gala party with Meny Wappler Swingtett | Dock Inn

Saturday, 23.07.

11:00 | Dance classes
17:00 | Beach Party with Mary Jane & The Baltic Sweet Jazz Orchestra | Beach stage
22:00 | Gala party with The Schwings Band | Dock Inn

Sunday, 24.07.

11:00 | Dance classes
15:30 | Swing walk | Warnemünde – Lighthouse
17:00 | Beach Party with Mary Jane & The Baltic Sweet Jazz Orchestra | Beach stage
22:00 | Gala party with Cats & Dinosaurs | Dock Inn

Corona hygiene rules

As we are still in a pandemic, we cannot predict exactly how the situation will be and what the relevant official hygiene rules will be in July when the event takes place. We all hope for the best! Regardless, we want to make the event as safe as possible for everyone. We strongly recommend you arrive vaccinated and/or recovered with the relevant certification. We will very likely require an official negative rapid test result on arrival day. The Dock Inn will also provide rapid tests so that you can test yourself every day before the activities. Please do not participate at any activity if you feel sick with typical Corona. Contact the Dock Inn regarding any ticket refunds. Please also refer to the Terms & Conditions.

Booking options

We can highly recommend the Dock Inn Room Package for the full festival experience. If you are interested in extending your stay beyond the event, don’t hesitate to contact the hotel. You can also opt to book a 3-Day Event Pass and organize separate accommodation yourself. If you cannot attend the whole weekend, you may prefer to book single day passes. At the evening gala parties, the Dock Inn provides free water and a midnight snack! There is no presale of tickets for the evening gala parties.

Dock Inn Room Package includes:
3 nights stay from 22.07.-25.07.2022
Single bedroom, double bedroom or 4/8-bed dorm
3x Breakfast (8:00am-12:00pm) 
3-day event pass

3-Day Event Pass  includes:
3x Beach party and 3x Evening gala party
All dance classes
Water flat
3x Midnight snack
Swing walk (only Sunday)

1-Day Event Pass  includes:
Only Saturday and Sunday
1x Beach party and 1x Evening gala party
Dance classes at that day
Water flat
1x Midnight snack
Swing walk (only Sunday)

Packages and prices

PackagePrice in €
Dock Inn single room package (1 person) SOLD OUT500
Dock Inn double room package (2 persons) SOLD OUT690
Dock Inn 4/8-bed dorm Package (1 Person) SOLD OUT275
3-day event pass125
1-Day Event Pass (only Saturday and Sunday)50
Gala Party Friday with Meny Wappler Swingtett25
Gala Party Saturday with The Schwings Bands35
Gala Party Sunday with Cats & Dinosaurs30

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