Dukish Vagabonds

From Berlin

Die Berliner Gentlemen

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Jerry K . Reed

From Hamburg

Jerry is all about emotion and brutal honesty

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Another Pair

From Rostock

Another Pair – das ist musikalische Charmanz

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Cats & Dinosaurs

From Gothenburg/Sweden

..the worlds most radical swingband..

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Meny Wappler Swingtett

From Lübeck, Hamburg & Wismar

Two guitars, clarinet and double bass – the 30s come alive!

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WAL Beach Bar

The Dock Inn has put up a beach bar at Warnemünde beach near the lighthouse

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DJ Stefan

From Freiburg

Stefan Klingner has been a regular DJ at events such as the Black Forest Hop…

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Dock Inn Warnemünde

The design is unique and as rough as the Baltic Sea

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DJ Niel

From Cologne

The roots of DJ niel a.k.a. Daniel Schäfers…

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