Dock Inn Warnemünde

DOCK INN Warnemünde

Have you ever seen overseas containers that are piled up to form a stylish hostel? The DOCK INN – 12 minutes walk from the beach – makes everybody happy: active tourists, fans of modern design, families and backpackers.

The design is unique and as rough as the Baltic Sea on the doorstep and yet as pleasant as a campfire night on the beach. Bathrooms are hidden in shipping crates while the luggage is stored in lockers. The overseas containers offer plenty of space for comfortable double rooms, double containers may house spacious suites or eight-bed dorms but always give you the feeling of being in a safe harbour by the adventurous sea.

The DOCK INN will be our home for the festival – with a nice dancefloor, cozy spaces to lean back, cool drinks at the bar. And the best part: if you need a break, you can just walk to the sea